New Features

New Features

We've been busy burning the midnight oil so that we can bring new features out to you. The industry is growing and we know you want to have the latest and greatest in systems so you can grow and scale without issues. And that is exactly what we are here to help you with.

Like always, we would love to get your feedback on how we are doing. Let us know by emailing us on

Message Broadcast

We know how important communication is for any company. Having clear communication at the right place and at the right time makes or breaks the deal. The message broadcast feature from FitnessForce helps you do just that - send clear communication out to the right people at the right time. You may choose to send your communication with varying permutations and combinations. E.g. Send to "Everyone at this Branch" or "Sale's team at all Branches", all with just a few simple clicks. Yea we know how awesome this is :)


One of the biggest issue faced while maintaining customer contact data (email & phone number) is accuracy & authenticity. So how do we solve this problem? We give you the ability to verify your customer's contact information with a one time password sent to their mobile phone or email accounts (or both if you wish) helping you authenticate that they are available at this contact. I need not emphasise on the fact that it raises customer contact-ability by several folds due to the fact that the number is verified by the customer. Having said that, we do not want to loose out on customers with an added later of process. Well, FitnessForce takes care of that very simply by giving you full control on how you want to handle this. E.g. you may want to keep OTP verification Optional at all stages, or maybe you want to keep it compulsory when he/she becomes a member. Either ways, your in control of your customer's experience.



We're excited to announce that we are releasing API's for developers to build on and integrate with FitnessForce. A self service developer portal will be out soon which can be used by developers. Keep watching this space for more information!

Export to Excel - Sensitive Data

You know, sometimes we really want our colleagues to access to data to work on (whether it is for accounting purpose or just excel analytics) but don't really need sensitive information like customer contact details. Well now, this new setting in the access templates allows you to set just that - give access to export to excel rights but limit rights to sensitive contact information. 
Happy slicing (data :) )

Follow Up on Forms

We hear you. You now have the ability to save followup when working on forms.

تسجيل الدخول أو تسجيللنشر تعليق