• What is the refund feature?
  • How can a refund request be processed?
  • What is the workflow authority?
  • How can a refund be sanctioned and processed?
  • Refund Report

Refund Feature:

The refund feature allows you to now refund the full or partial membership fees paid by the client towards a membership once a bill is generated under his/her name. However a gym may want to set a time period from the bill date to allow a refund within a particular time frame or for a particular amount.

Process for Refund:

Once a client makes a request for refund, the following steps have to be undertaken by the client rep or the gym:

  • Click on Bills and Receipts on the client profile page
  • Click on the actions drop down and click on ‘Refund’

  • On selecting /clicking on refund request a pop – up will open as under:

  • The amount to be refunded needs to be added and the ‘Send for Approval’ button needs to be clicked.
  • This refund approval will now go to the concerned authority for approval as defined by the gyms workflow authority. The workflow authority determines the approval system i.e. to who does It go to for the approval.
  • The authority may be one or multiple based on hierarchy, it can be customized depending upon the criticalities such as length of the period after the bill date or based on the amount for refund. Foe e.g. if it’s critical it may require approval from several levels in the gyms hierarchy i.e. to the lower, middle or higher levels of management. Whoever is selected will get the notifications regarding the refund approval
  • The notification to the concerned authority will be reflected in the bell sign on the top right hand corner of his/her page in the fitness force software.
  • The concerned authority will decide whether to decline or approve the request. Till status of the refund will show as pending.
  • Once the request is declined or approved, a notification for the same is send to the client rep or the person making the request , The notification to the concerned authority will be reflected in the bell sign on the top right hand corner of his/her page in the fitness force software
  • Now the client representative can process the refund by clicking on Refund Now from the actions dropdown
  • A pop-up opens that allows you to make the refund payment by any mode of payment and clicking on ’ Pay Now’ or  transfering  it to the Digital wallet account.

  • To view the details of the bill and the amount to be refunded click on Bills and Receipts and view the details as follows:


  • A print out of the refund receipt can be taken from clicking on view bill and then clicking on print on the new page that opens up.
  • The print out will appear as follows:

SMS & Email Notification:

Any transaction related to refund will be conveyed to 3 parties i.e. Client, Client Representative (staff member who request for the refund) and the concerned authority (authority determined in workflow to approve the refund)

Refund Report: 

The refund report gives you all the details of all the refunds processed. It gives you a detailed view of the Member, bill details, bill amount, and refund amount, refund date, payment mode etc. There are various filters that allow you to refine your search by selecting various filters like the refund period, refund status etc