Bank File

About The Feature

‘Bank File’ is used for downloading the details of the members who are scheduled to pay for the current month and updating the details of the members who have paid.

How Does Bank File Function

  • Bank file needs to be downloaded depending on the billing cycle date
  • Downloaded .csv file needs to be sent to the concerned bank authority
  • Bank would return the file in excel format which would have the response whether the members mentioned in the file have paid or the payment has been rejected
  • Excel file received from the bank needs to be uploaded back in FitnessForce Software
  • Post the file upload, the members against whom the membership is received would remain active and the members whose payment has not been received would be marked as inactive
  • Members who fail to pay for any month can pay for the last (non-paid) month and the next month

Steps to Download Bank File

  • Login into FitnessForce Software
  • Go to Settings > Click on - Download Contract Recurring Data
  • Click on the option – Generate OTP*
  • Two OTPs would be generated and sent to the users who are assigned to receive the OTP
  • Both the parts of the OTP in correct order has to be entered in the designated area
  • Select the Billing Cycle date
  • Click on download data
  • The file extracted would be in .CSV format

Steps to Upload Bank File

  • Login into FitnessForce Software
  • Go to Settings > Click on - Download Contract Recurring Data
  • Tokens received when bank file was downloaded, the same token has to be used for uploading the bank file as well
  • Select the file to be uploaded in - Upload Bank Response excel file
  • Click on – Upload Data

Points to be noted

  1. Gym/club can decide you should be receiving the OTP (One Time Password), as the bank file has the sensitive information with regards to members account details
  1. For those clients who have not paid for the last month their information needs to be in the same excel in separate sheet and the same member’s record needs to be present in the same excel in another sheet for current month payment

  1. No record should be deleted while uploading the file i.e., the total number of records downloaded should tally with total number of records to be uploaded.