Creating an item of POS/ Additional Payment

How Will This Document Help You / What Will You Find Here

  • This document will help you add any additional Or POS (point of sale) item which is other than your membership to your billing, such as joining fee, transfer fee, gym t-shirts, whey protein etc.
  • Additional Payment doesn’t have any validity applicable.

About The Feature

  • Additional Payments are also known as POS. POS can be any additional charges levied by your club, such as joining fees / transfer charges / admission fees, gym t-shirts, whey protein etc.

How Can You Configure the Additional Payment (POS)?

  • Login into your FitnessForce Software
  • Go To Settings > Click on – Additional Payment Master
  • Click on – New
  • Fill the fields as mentioned below:
    • Name : Write name of the additional payment. Example : Admission fees

    • Computation Type : This can either be Fixed Amount or Variable Amount

(Fixed Amount – At the time of billing the amount entered cannot be edited

Variable Amount - At the time of billing the amount entered is editable)

  • Multiplicity : In case a client can be charged this POS multiple times on one bill, then it should be ‘Yes’ or else ‘No’
  • No. of Times : Incase ‘Multiplicity’ is ‘Yes’, then in this field you need to define, how many times can it be purchased / charged in the same bill. Example: 2
  • Status : Active
  • Group : Others (Incase you have a group created for ‘Charges’, then you can categorize it under the specified group)
  • Service Owner – No
  • Compulsory – None
  • Click on Submit

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can we have multiple computation type?
  • Ans. No. At a given point of time, there can be only 1 computation type, i.e., either Fixed or Variable