Get Support through the FitnessFore Software 


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Through this document you will know how to send a query / issue / concern / feedback to FitnessForce Software through the FitnessForce Software itself, without logging into Gmail or yahoo or any other email account.



About The Feature

· You can communicate with FitnessForce Software through the facility already available in the software

· There is no need to access Gmail / yahoo or any other email account, in case you want us to send us an email



How Send An Email To FitnessForce Software?


· You need be on your FitnessForce Software URL. For example:

· On your right hand side bottom corner, you will find a yellow color envelope

· Click on the – Yellow Color Envelope

· Fill the fields as mentioned below

1. Your Email ID – myemailid : When we respond you would receive a reply on this email id

1. Call Back No. – Mention your contact number : In case we need any clarifications, we can call you

2. Message – In this box write down your query / issue / feedback / concern

3. Upload File – You can send an attachment as well

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who can use the inbuilt option to send the email to FitnessForce Software?

  • Ans. Everyone who has an access to FitnessForce Software can send the query through the email option

1. Do I need to login into FitnessForce Software to send an email?

  • Ans. No you don’t need to login to send an email. However, if you have a query on a specific page, we would suggest that you first be on the said page and then send an email, so that we know exactly which page you are on.

1. Will I be charged to send an email from FitnessForce Software to ask a query?

  • Ans. No. There are no charges to send an email from FitnessForce Software to FitnessForce Software