How do I Cancel an Appointment

About The Feature


Appointment cancellation: If you don't want an appointment t to show up anymore, you can cancel the appointment from FitnessForce Software Calendar.

How to Cancel Appointments


  1. Login into FitnessForce Software.
  1. Select the “CENTER”.
  1. Click on “CALENDER”.
  1. Click on the “APPOINMENT “  that needs to be cancelled.
  2. Find the word “STATUS” and click on the icon next to that.
  1. By clicking on the icon one box will appear, select “CANCELLED “by clicking on dropdown arrow.
  1. Click on the “GREEN TICK” that will be next to the box.
  1. The status will change to “CANCELLED”.


Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Can we change the status of the appointment after cancelling?
  • Ans.  No, the status cannot be changed after cancelling the appointment