Stock Return

How to record stock returned by a client?


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This will help you record the number of product (stock) returned by the members.

About The Feature

Gym / clubs have an option of providing freebies to the members along with the memberships, i.e., for example along with the Gym Membership – 6 months, gym decides to give a sipper free to the member or along with a weight loss program the gym decides to give some diet food free. In case there is a scenario wherein a member returns the free sipper or diet food etc., it becomes important for the gym to record the return and reason of the return to understand the trend and take corrective steps.

How can I pass an entry in case a member returns a stock given to him along with a membership?

  • Login into FitnessForce Software
  • Search the Client through Client Search
  • On the Client Profile click on – Stock Return
  • Enter the quantity returned in ‘Quantity Return’ field against the returned product
  • Select the return reason
  • You can provide comments, if any
  • Click on the ‘Green Plus Sign’
  • Click on - Save

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can there be a stock return even for over the counter sales (POS)?

Ans. No. We can accept and record a return of a product, only if the stock has been given away through a membership .

  1. Can I track the return records?

                     Ans. Yes. Go to Reports > Stock Transaction Report