Gift Voucher Report

About The Feature

  • ‘Gift Voucher Report’ allows you to view the Gift Vouchers generated and transacted within the entered period of time. It also lets you view the status of the Gift Vouchers as ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’ for ease of use or dismissal.

How To Read the Gift Voucher Report:

  • Click on reports and select GV from the drop down appearing
  • Once the GV report page opens you will see various filters that help refine your search
  • The Various filters available are as under
    • GV ID : Where you can search the detailed report of a particular unique GV ID and view if it has been redeemed against any purchases or not.
    • Amount box: Has a drop down option that allows you to filter any amount Equal to, less than or greater than specified by you in the box adjacent to the amount box
    • Date: Allows you to view GVs based on created, redeemed, sold and expiry date and by entering the time period by clicking the calendar icon next to the ‘to’ and ‘from’ date

  • It also allows you to filter your search based on various other filters like:
    • Created By
    • Sold By
    • Redeemed By
    • Center Redeemed At
    • Center Sold At
    • Status Filter: To view either the active or inactive GVs
    • Redemption type
    • Redeemed: To view the GVs which are redeemed or not
  • Once you select the filters based on the permutation /combinations , click on search to generate the GV Report

Export To Excel

  • Allows you to export the file to Excel. For convenient  printout and easy access

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the amount drop down options of amount equal to, greater than, less than indicate?

Ans: The amount box gives you options to view the gift vouchers equal to, greater than or less than a particular value

  • What does the status as Active and Inactive denote?

Ans: Active denotes that the voucher has been sold. Inactive denotes that the gift voucher has not been sold.

  • Which are the various fields appearing in the Gift Voucher report?

Ans: The Fields are as under:

  • GV ID
  • Redeemed by Client
  • Sold to Client
  • Redeemed by Client Rep
  • Bill ID
  • Amount
  • Expiry Date
  • Created By
  • Created Date
  • Sold At
  • Sold Date
  • Sold By
  • Redeemed
  • Redeemed at
  • Redeemed Date and Time
  • Redeemed by
  • Status
  • Issued To

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