Collections Report



About The Feature



This feature allows you to have a quick view of the amount collected by the gym by a particular mode of payment, for example: by cash, cheque, credit/debit card etc. This feature helps you to easily tally the receipts by each payment mode and also helps in easy analysis of the same.


How to Check the Collections Payment Mode Wise



· Click on reports

· Open the collection report

· In the payment mode field , select the payment mode from the dropdown

· Select the date(From Date- To Date) range to view the collections done in a particular time period

· Refine your search by filling the various filters appearing on the collection report page such as:

  • Payment Status
  • Card Type
  • Client ID
  • Receipt Number etc.

· After selecting the various filters you can narrow down your search to obtain the desired results

· Lastly click on ‘Filter’



The Detailed Information of the Collections will appear:



· The entire detailed list of the collections will appear under the following heads

  • Name
  • Collection Date
  • Bill Number
  • Receipt Number
  • Payment Mode
  • Amount
  • Tax Amount
  • Payment Status
  • Bill Balance



You also have an option to change the status of your credit card or Cheque by clicking on the Payment Status link