Stock Current Report


How Will This Document Help You / What Will You Find Here

This will help you get the current stock of a unit (product) available in your club.

About The Feature

Stock Management helps you track the freebies or the products sold separately. Current Stock Report helps you know the current stock at given point of time and place an order for the stock required.

How can I know the current stock available?

  • Login into FitnessForce Software
  • Go to Reports > Click on – Stock Current
  • Click on – Search
  • You will get the current stock of all the products

(In case you wish to view the current stock of only 1 or few products, in the field named – SKU Name, select only those products and use the various filters to refine your search)

Frequently Asked Questions 


  1. What does SKU stand for?

Ans. SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. This will be the product name

  1. Can I see the stock available on some previous date?
       Ans. Yes. The transaction of the SKU (products) can be viewed through ‘Stock Transaction’