New Section for Bounced Cheque and Privacy Options for Dashboard

Dashboard now has a new section to view the Cheque bounce details, this section will allow you to see the details of the member whose Cheque has bounced, bounced Cheque details and amount. It helps you to immediately take into account all the payments that are pending and to be collected from the clients. It will also allow you to immediately follow up with the client and recover the amount of the bounced Cheque.


Additional User Privacy for Dashboard


Now you can assign or limit rights to all the users/staff members at the gym for viewing the activities on the dashboard. Now dashboard will have a restricted view based on the rights assigned or customized that allow you to define whose follow ups can be viewed by a particular user by selecting options such as view follow ups of only me, my department or all. For e.g. you may want to give the sales manager the right to view the activities of all the sales representatives on the dashboard. This new feature also gives you the option of limiting a user to see only his own activities. The owner or administrator at the gym will have the rights to view the dashboard for all the users/staff members