How to view the sales commission report



  • Go to Reports=>Sales Commission Report
  • Sales Commission Report: Yearly
    • This report allows you to view a month/ year wise report of the commission earned by the various sales representatives at your gym. You can filter your search based on the centers selected. The 'Commission Given' filter allows you to filter your search as Yes, No and Partial commission paid. A green tick next to the commission amount signifies that the amount is already paid

  • Clicking on a particular employee allows you to view a detailed month wise summary of a particular sales representative of the commission set by the gym, commission earned by the sales representative and the balance commission to be paid. It also gives a detailed view of the individual components that contribute to the total commission earned.


  • Sales Commission Report: Monthly
      • Allows you to view the month wise report of the sales commission paid to your sales representatives. This report will reflect the commission set by the gym, commission earned by the sales representative, the balance commission to be paid and the commission declined by the gym for varied reasons for each sales representative, center wise and plan wise.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    1) Where will the sales commission for backdated entries be reflected?

    • It will be reflected in the month of the date on the backdated bill

    2) Will commission be calculated on bill or receipt amount?

    • It will be calculated on bill amount but commission will not be paid until the entire amount is realized.

    3) Can a sales person be under different plans under different centers?

    • No, One sales person can only be under one plan at one time.