Digital Wallet/Prepaid Transaction Reports & Effects

Where to check the Prepaid / Deposit Amount updated

  • Open the client profile whose Prepaid Amount has been entered.
  • On the Summary Page that’s the first screen of the client profile, view the digital wallet transaction details under  “ Last 5 Digital Wallet Transactions “ 
  • Available Credit means the client can utilize the amount against any services in future.

Which Report to refer for the services utilized with the Prepaid amount

  • Go to Reports Tab
  • There are 2 Reports to refer :
  1. Digital Wallet Transaction Report
  • This report shows the Credits and Debits of the Prepaid Amount.

  • The report also shows the Transaction description, i.e. the membership purchased.

2. Digital Wallet Balance Report

  • This report shows the Prepaid Balance Amount which is remaining amount for the client to utilize.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where does the Prepaid / Advance amount received gets updated on a specific date?

Ans. The amount received as a Prepaid / Advance amount gets updated in Collection Report and the date which has been selected as Purchase Date is the date the amount collected.

  1. If a member utilizes the Prepaid Amount for a service, then does that comes under collection report?

Ans. No. The amount gets updated under Collection Report the date that the amount is received and not the date the member purchased the Membership with that amount.

  1. Where does the Prepaid / Advance amount membership purchase gets reflected under which report?

Ans.  The “ Digital Wallet Transaction Report “ is the report which has the detail of the Membership purchased with the Prepaid / Advance amount.

  1. In case a member had purchased a membership and wants to cancel the membership, but wants the amount to be kept as a deposit to purchase a membership later, can this feature help and how can it be changed to an Advance / Prepaid amount?

Ans. Yes. Kindly find the steps for the Digital Wallet below :

  • The bill which was created for a Membership initially, needs to be cancelled.
  • Once the bill is cancelled, create the Digital Wallet bill through Bills & Receipts and click on “ Digital Wallet “ . Kindly follow the steps to add the money of the cancelled bill in the  the Digital Wallet as a balance as mentioned in the document ‘ How to create a client prepaid account-Digital Balance’