How to Transfer a Membership of an Existing Member to another Existing Member

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  • How to Transfer a Membership of a Client to another
  • Who all can the membership be transferred to
  • Frequently Asked Questions

To an Existing Member :  (Note : The membership of the existing member should have expired.)

  • Search for the client whose Membership needs to be Transferred.
  • Select the Membership that needs to be Transferred.
  • Click on the hyperlink “Existing Member “ which is below the Membership.
  • Select the Date on which the Membership was Transferred.
  • Search for the existing member on whom the membership needs to be transferred to by entering the “ Name “ or “ Contact No. “ or “ Client ID “ in the fields mentioned below the Transfer Date.
  • Once the desired name is searched, click on the link “Select “ right beside’s the name so that the details of the client gets updated below in the Create Bill - Billing Info.
  • Scroll down to select the Transfer Fee and Add.
  • Enter the Amount received in the “ Amount Paid “ field
  • Select “ Payment Mode “ and wait for a second so that the “ Make Payment “ button gets visible.
  • Click on “ Make Payment “ button and wait for a second so that the Payment details get updated below.
  • Once the Payment details get updated, Click on “ Transfer “ Button.
  • You will receive a popup “ Do you want to transfer the product?  “,  click on “ OK “.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can Transfer a Member’s membership?

Ans. The Admin who provides rights to the users, those users can transfer membership.

  1. There are clients for whom the Transfer Fee is waived off, how to update the zero amount while creating the Transfer fee bill?

Ans. Before selecting and adding the Transfer Fee, change the amount to Zero and then add. Select the “ Payment Mode “ as Cash and click on Make Pay