Conversion Analysis

  • Go ahead and select two comparison time frames in ‘This’ v/s ‘That’ and click on ‘Submit’
  • Get a birds eye view of all your ‘Enquiry to Member Analysis’, ‘Enquiry to Trial’ & ‘Trial to Member’ analysis.
  • Spot Conversion refers to clients who have directly purchased the membership while converted refers to all enquiries who are converted to members, while not converted are the ones whose status is still of an enquiry.
  • Quick Tip: Try to increase the ‘Enquiry to Trial’ conversion ratio. Giving free trial will not only enhance the visibility of the services at your gym but also give your clients  a taste and feel of your gym thus ultimately increasing your ‘Trial to Member’ conversion ratio . Also view the ‘Enquiry Source Analysis’ to analyze your return on investment on the various marketing sources!!