How do I create a Package



About The Feature


  • 'Package is a combination of 2 or more products.
  • You can combine a slow running product with a popular product at your gym to enhance its visibility


How to Configure a Package


  • Click on Package and select Package Creation
  • Add the name of the package for e.g. 'Gym 1 Month + Nutrition' or 'Zumba 1 Month + Gym Floor 1 Month' Name & Description
  • Click 'Yes' on can this be sold as a single package
  • Select 'Yes' or 'No' for freezing both the products together or not in case you apply freeze option 
  • Scroll down and Click and add the Products that needs to be added in the Package.
  • Don't forget to edit and update the price once the products are added as you  would want to give a discount to make the package attractive
  • Click on the “ Submit “ button to complete the Package creation
  • In case you don't want this package to appear on the billing page in future you can simply make it inactive

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who has the rights to change the Change the rates of the package?

  • Ans. The Admin or the person who has been provided the right to change rates of the package