Stock Inward

How Will This Document Help You / What Will You Find Here

This document will help you inward the stock configured in the tenant i.e., the FitnessForce Software tenant will know how many units are available for sale.

About The Feature

Stock Feature helps you either provide stock (SKU) as a freebie or sell it over the counter. This feature will help you inward the units which available for selling over the counter or giving it as a freebie.

How can I inward the stock?

  • Login into FitnessForce Software
  • Go to – Stock > Stock Inward
  • Select the dropdown to filter which SKU needs to be inwarded
    • SKU Category example Food, Clothing
    • SKU Sub-Category example In Food it could be Breakfast Food, Lunch, snacks etc.
    • SKU Name- example In Breakfast Food it could be Oats, Muesli, Cereals etc.
  • Enter the number of units which need to be entered in the software (Only numbers to be entered in this field)
  • Enter the comments for your reference such as Bill number or vendor name, etc.
  • Click on - Save

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How to read the Sub-Lot No?
    • Ans: Sub-Lot Number is auto generated once – Click ‘Save’ to record the number of units received in the FitnessForce Software.
    • Example: Sub-Lot No.  
    • SBFP190316142918219
    • SBFP – This is the short code allocated at the time of SKU creation
    • 190316 – ddmmyy when the SKU was inwarded in the software
    • 142918219 – hh:mm:ss:ms of the SKU being inwarded in the software

  • Where can I find stock inward done on previous occasions?
    • Ans: To find out the inwarded stock on previous occasions, you can refer ‘Report – Stock Inward

  • In case a wrong inward entry is made, how can I rectify the same?
    • Ans: In case you have entered the incorrect figure you can either add or subtract the same through – ‘Stock - Stock Adjustment’