Stock Adjustment

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This document will help you know how to adjust an incorrectly entry of stock inwarded

 About The Feature

Stock Feature helps you either provide stock (SKU) as a freebie or sell it over the counter. This feature will help you incorrectly inwarded SKU, i.e., add or subtract the quantity.

How can I adjust the stock?

  • Login into FitnessForce Software
  • Go to – Stock > Stock Adjustment
  • Select the dropdown to filter which SKU needs to be adjusted
    • SKU Category
    • SKU Sub-Category
    • SKU Name
    • Lot No. from which the adjustment needs to be made
    • Adjust Stock i.e., whether you wish to add or subtract
    • Enter the quantity
    • Reason for adjustment
    • Enter the comments
    • Click on - Save

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Where can I check the details of all the stock adjusted?

Ans: You can check history of all the adjusted stock through ‘Report – Stock Adjustment’.


  1.  What information would Stock Adjustment report provide?

Ans: Through Stock Adjustment report you can filter the details of stock adjusted either through date or by SKU.