Pending Balance Payment

How to create a Receipt for a balance amount

  • Search for the client whose balance needs to be cleared.
  • Click on Bills & Receipts on the client profile page
  • A new page opens up , scroll down
  • You will be able to see the bill details and the pending balance amount 
  • Below Actions there will be a drop down suggesting make payment or write -off
  • Click on 'Make Payment'
  • A new page opens , enter in the amount ,receipt date & mode of payment
  • Click on save and a new page will open up
  • Click on submit

 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if the client makes payment in parts, say at 3 different intervals?

    • Ans. The initial amount needs to be updated while the creation of the bill, that would be the first amount received. Then you can follow the video which shows how to clear balance, but enter only the amount received the second time. And the third payment can be cleared the same way shown in the video.
    • Example – Client purchased 3 Month Membership for the amount of Rs. 6000/-. Client paid initially Rs. 2000/- on the purchase date and later paid Rs. 4000/- in parts i.e. Rs. 3000/- second time and then Rs. 1000/-.