Write off the Pending Balance in the FitnessForce Software

  • “ Write-Off “ in the Fitness Force software is a feature to wave-off the balance amount for those clients who are not able / willing to pay the balance or have stopped visiting the gym for workouts.
  • How do I Create a Write Off

    • Open the client profile page
    • Click on Bills and Receipts
    • Scroll down and view the bill details along with the pending balance amount. Select 'write off' from the 'Actions' drop down 
    • A pop-up will open which allows you to enter the amount to be written off and a reason for write off
    • The system also automatically gives you an option to open a follow up by filling in details in the follow up box and selecting the call response, call convertibility, next follow up date and time and comments
    • You can also close a follow-up by selecting close from the follow-up status and selecting successful follow-up in the call response and call convertibility
    • You can view the details of the write off done in the write off report.