How to Cancel a Bill


About The Feature


Allows you to cancel the bill for any reason.


Steps to cancel the bill


  • Search the client through the ‘Client Search’ whose bill you want to cancel and go to Bills and Receipts
  • Then click on the view button of the particular bill to be cancelled
  • You will find a cancel option in receipt Details so click on cancel.
  • Once you will click on cancel, you will get a popup.
  • Please mention cancellation reason in that popup then click on save.
  • Once you will click on save you will get a popup asking you “Do you want to cancel bill as well”
  • If you click on ok, then the receipt will cancel along with bill as well.
  • If you click on cancel, then the receipt only will get cancel not the bill.



  • The Bill can only be cancelled if all receipts under it are cancelled
  • You will not be able to see the cancel option in the bills & receipt if you don’t have the rights/access for cancellation of bills & receipt.

Benefits of cancelling the bill


  • You can remove the erroneous entries done in the software.


Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Can we delete the bill in the software?

  • Ans: No, you can’t, you can only cancel the bill in the software.