Creating a Follow up for Balance Due Incase of Part Payment

About The Feature

You need to open follow up while creating the bill in order to create a follow up for part payment

Steps to open the follow up for balance payment

1) On the billing page, incase client is making a part payment, the follow-up section would open automatically.

2) Select the Follow up Type in drop down as Balance Payment

3) Assigned To, would be selected as Client rep or any specific department as per the setting configured in the software

4) Select the Call Response as Follow up again

5) Select the Convertibility as expected

6) Select the Expected payment date

7) Select the Next Follow up Date & Time as for reminder of the balance payment

8) Then add comment in comment box for balance payment

8) Then click on Save.

You will find the same balance payment reminder on the Dashboard under Expected Section as per Next Follow up Date.

Benefits of creating follow up for balance payment

You will be able to collect balance amount from the client

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: - Is opening follow up mandate for the balance payment?

Answer: - Yes, its mandate for balance payment.