Video on Membership Expiry Report

Memberships Expiry Report

About The Feature

  • The membership expiry report allows you to view all the memberships that are due for expiry. It allows you to be proactive in getting in touch with your members and getting their membership renewed.

How to Check the Membership Expiry Report

  • Click on reports
  • Open the membership expiry report
  • Refine your search by filling the various filters appearing on the follow up report page such as:
    • The date(From Date- To Date) range to view the membership expiring  in a particular time period
    • Membership Type
    • Membership Name
    • Client Representative

    • Product Status

    • Enquiry Type/Source

    • Gender/Pref. Workout Time
    • Location
    • Package/Campaign name
  • After selecting the various filters you can narrow down your search to obtain the desired results
  • Lastly click on ‘Search’

The Detailed Information of the Membership Expiry will appear:

  • The number of the Membership Expiring will appear
  • The entire detailed list of renewals will appear based on the filters selected
  • The detailed report will show the
    • Client Name

    • Membership Name

    • Purchase Date

    • Activation Date
    • Expiry Date
    • Workout Time
    • Unused Session
    • Reason for expiry
    • Client Representative (Gives you an option to change the same)
    • Session Owner (Gives you an option to change the same)

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is the importance of Membership Expiry Report?

Ans. The membership expiry report allows you to be proactive in finding out in advance the details of the memberships that are about to expire in a particular time frame and contacting them for renewal.

  • Where else can I view the Membership Expiring?

Ans. The same can be viewed on the Dashboard by selecting a date range.