SMS Transactional Report

How Will This Document Help You / What Will You Find Here

This document will help you read the SMS Transactional report.

About The Feature

Sending SMS to your clients is now easy through FitnessForce Software. As easy it is sending the SMSes, it is easier to know the status of SMSes sent to a specific client.

Where to find SMS Transactional report?

  • Login into FitnessForce Software
  • Go to – Reports > SMS Transactional

Which Filters Can Be Used for reading SMS Transactional Report?

You can filter the SMS Transactional report basis the below filters

  • Template Name – Name of the SMS Sent
  • Sent By – Through whose User ID has the SMS been sent
  • SMS Type – Whether the SMS was automated/live / manual
  • Status
  • Client Search

Once you have filtered the report, you fill to get the below-mentioned information:

  • Client ID
  • Name
  • Centre Name
  • Created Date – SMS Sent Date
  • Template name
  • Status – This shows the reason for non-delivery of SMS
  • Status Date – This column provides the date and time of when the status has been updated


Frequently Asked Questions 

  • I am unable to view the SMS Transactional report when I log in?

Ans. You need to have rights to view the SMS Transactional report. Incase you are unable to view the same, contact your FitnessForce Team Admin person in your club

  • What does the various status stand for?

         Ans. Below is the explanation for the most common error for non-delivery.

  • Queued: Request to send SMS has been received by FitnessForce Software and it has been queued, as SMSes are sent from our end on FIFO basis


  • Processing: It's processing the SMS request


  • Sent: SMS has been sent by FitnessForce


  • Delivered: SMS has been received by the client


  • Opted Out: Client’s number is registered under Do Not Disturb


  • Invalid Mobile Number : Mobile number is incorre