How to Suspend a User/Staff


About The Feature


You can temporarily block a user’s access to Fitness Force Software by suspending the user’s account. This doesn’t delete the data that is there on the user’s name. However, the user can no longer login into the software.


How to Suspend User ID’s


Two ways for suspending user Id’s:


A) Admin Level


1. Login into FitnessForce Software

2. Click on “USERS”

3. Click in “LIST”

4. Select the user you want to suspend by clicking on “EDIT”

5. Scroll at the bottom and click on “SUSPEND USER”


B) Managerial Level


1. Login into FitnessForce Software

2. Select the “TENANT”.

3. Click on “SETTINGS”.


5. Select the User by clicking on “EDIT”.

6. Scroll at the bottom, click on “SUSPEND USER”


Frequently Asked Questions


1. If a User ID is suspended will the data on that user’s name be deleted?

  • Ans. No, the data won’t be deleted, only the User ID will be suspended/ inactive.

2. Can we shift the data from suspended/ inactive user to active user?

  • Ans. Yes, this can be done by “Mass Client Rep Change”.


3. Can the User ID again be activated after suspension?

  • Ans. Even after suspending a user, you can activate the User ID at any time.