Edit a Package


About The Feature


  • In Fitness Force software, Package is an amalgamation / combination of 2 or multiple Products. 

For example: 12 Months Gym plus 12 Months PT (Personal Training) or 12 Months Gym plus 12 Months PT plus Aerobics etc.


How to Edit the Package of the already configured Package :


  • Move the cursor on Package Tab 
  • Click on “ Package Filter “
  • Click on “ Edit “ which is on the right hand side besides the Package for which the package rate needs to be edited.
  • Click on “ Edit “ towards your left hand side and edit the amount.
  • Scroll down and Click on “ Update “ button


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who has the rights to change the rates of the package?

  • Ans. The Admin or the person who has been provided the right to change rates in the package.


2. Can we add a product in the already configured package?

  • Ans. Yes, you can add the product in the package, but the name of the package cannot be edited. Hence, we recommend to create another package.