Product Creation


About The Feature

Product creation will allow you to design and add new products in your FitnessForce software. These products will be visible in Step number 2 on the billing Page

How to Configure Products

  • First we will be creating a ‘Product Type Master’ that is a Category under which I can design various products. For e.g.  Membership, PT, Group Classes etc. can be your main categories under which I can design products such as:
    • Gym Membership 1 Month
    • Gym Membership 3 Month
    • Gym Membership 6 Month
    • Gym Membership 12 Month
  • So  first lets create the broad categories by going to Settings and Product Type Master
    • You will be able to see the existing categories at your gym
    • In case you want to add a new category click on ‘New’ and fill in the fields such as
    • Product Type – Name of the category i.e. PT, Gym Membership, and Group Classes etc.
    • Give an Abbreviation eg. GYM for Gym Membership, GRC for Group Classes etc.
    • In Description copy the same Product Type name
    • Add a color  & Icon if you choose
    • If you want to add Terms & Conditions click on ‘Yes’ across Terms & Conditions & Fill details
    • Only if you want to sell this product category to only those clients who have a particular membership like Gym Floor etc., you can select a base membership; otherwise just simply leave it on select.
      1. Finally Click on Submit
      • Now Go to Products and click on Product Creation
      • Fill in the required fields
        • Product Name : The name of the Product
        • Base Cost : The price of the product
        • Status : Active / Inactive (Nothing can be deleted from the software , however you can make it “Inactive” if you don’t want it to appear on the billing page)
        • Valid Days : The Validity of the Product
        • Check-in/Appointment:  If it’s an appointment based membership having a particular number of sessions click on appointment and mention the number of sessions, if it’s a check in based membership mention the number of days after clicking on the check-in radio button
        • Description: Copy the name of the product here
        • Type : Select the category from the drop down to which the product belongs to example Gym Membership 12 months will belong to Gym Membership
        • Session Duration : Will be number of minutes , normally we keep it as 60 i.e. (60 minutes)

      Note: If two different products are mapped under same product type , you will get overlapping option while creating bill if the activation date is same.

      • Minimum and Maximum Freezing days : the Number of  Minimum and Maximum freezing days needs to be mentioned
      • Reciprocity days: Number of days a client is allowed to use the product/services at different branch.
      • Unchargable No shows: Allows you to define the number of days you want to allow a client to book an appointment and not be charged for the same incase he does not come to the gym. In case you want to charge a client for a session that  he books but fails to attend you can keep it as 0 .In case you don’t want to charge the client for a session  if he fails to turn up for a booked appointment, you keep it as ‘U’
      • Transferable: you can select Yes or No’
      • Can be purchased as a Single Membership: Can be sold as single product or not.
      • Can be Purchased as a Non- Member or not
      • Show on Website : Yes/No
      • Add the Start Time and End Time and click on Add Time
      • Click on Save
      • Your new product will be created
      • You can view the same & by clicking on Product and selecting Product Filter