Designing Automated Follow- ups

Follow Up Type: Automated

Follow Up Type: Automated

About The Feature

Follow up type will give you a convenient classifications in Follow ups, the classification of follow ups will allow the representative to know the type of follow up they have to do. This will help to increase the effectiveness and clarity to the sales representatives and also will provide clarity to the owners while viewing the follow-up type report.

How To Configure Follow Up Type

Two types of Follow up type:

  • Manual Follow Up
  • Automated Follow Up

Automated Follow up Type: Follow up will open automatically based on the set criteria.

  1. Login into FitnessForce Software.
  1. Select the ‘CENTER’.
  1. Click on ‘Setting’.
  1. Click on ‘Follow up Type List’
  1. Click on ‘Create new follow up type’.
  • Follow Up Identification Name : Name of the follow up (Eg: Feedback – After 30 Days)

  • Follow Up Type : The Type of Follow (Eg: Feedback is the follow up type for Feedback – After 30 Days)
  • Assign To: Department or Client Representative.
  • Color: Identification for a particular follow up type can be given by setting color.

  • Department: If any department is selected then the follow up will be visible only to that department, if you want it to be visible to all the keep on ‘Select’.

  • Would you like this follow up type to be selected while creating a compulsory follow up onthe Enquiry or Balance page : select


Setting Open and close criteria:

For setting Open criteria (I.e the follow up will open as per the criteria set)

  • Date Type : This means the follow will open based on which date( e.g: Expiry date, Activation date etc)
  • Product Type: Map the follow up by selecting the product type i.e. the software will automatically open the follow based on the product type selected.

E.g: Product type is Membership and date type is expiry date so the follow will open accordingly.

  • Follow: The follow up should open on, before or after the date type selected.
  • Call Response: What is the response given by client.(i.e. follow up again, not interested etc)
  • Call Comment: The comments mentioned here will the reflected when the automatic follow up opens.
  • Client Status: select if the automatic follow up is for Member, Trial or Enquiry.
  • Set the close criteria if want to close the follow up automatically.
  • Click on Save.


Frequently Asked Question

  • Will the automated follow up open for old entries done if the automated follow up is configured today?
  • Ans: No, the follow will open from the day the follow up was configured.