Membership Cancellation


About The Feature

  • Now with centralization you can cancel a membership of the same center or of any other center if you have rights for the same.
  • Search for the client using the pencil icon by their name or phone number
  • To cancel a membership click on 'Membership details' on the client profile page



Description: Machine generated alternative text: Client Profile
Use this page to view personal details follow up information & upcoming appointments of a client
dit Details I Reoeat Enquiry I Chanoe Client Reo. I Client Forms I Triall Membership Details I Bills & Receir
;tock Return I Stock Outward Details I I Card Print I Member Contract
Sachin Mahesh Chavan - 5665431
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  • Scroll down and you will see the cancel option across the membership name
  • Click on cancel


Description: Machine generated alternative text: Session Total Purchase Activation Expiry Membership Product
Membership Package Campaign
Owner Sessions Date Date Date Status Id
24-Oct- 24-Oct- 23-
6 month boxing 2015 2015 g’6  50006
reeIam 6 Months Prepaid 24-Oct- 24-Oct- 23-
Eawant Membership 2015 2015 Apr- Up- - 58898
_________ 2016
E . ‘ Neelam Aerobics - 12 Months _____
_____ ______ 24-Oct- 24-Oct- 04-
ant 2015 2015 -- 28974


  • System will ask you a cancellation reason
  • Mention the reason and click on 'Cancel Membership'


Description: Machine generated alternative text: Cancelled By Select ‘
Cancellation Date
A Cancel Membership