Membership Details

You can click on Membership Details on the client profile page to check the details of the memberships in terms of number of sessions available/used/unused, membership status as Active/Inactive/Upgraded/Transfered/Suspended/Expired. You can also view the purchase date, activation date & expiry date of the membership. You can also Cancel, Activate, Expire, Suspend a membership by clicking on the desired link across the membership details of the client


  • Click on 'Membership Details' on client profile page

  • A new page opens up

  • In case you want to expire a membership earlier than the expiry date- click on expire
  1. Add the expiry date
  2. Reason
  4. click on expire

  • In case you want to change the activation date of a membership click on activate
  1. Add the activation reason & date
  2. Click on activate

  • In case you want to cancel a membership click on cancel
  1. Cancelled by is the name of the client representative who has cancelled
  2. Add cancellation date
  3. Reason and click on cancel membership

  • In case you want to suspend a membership because of non -payment or misbehaviour you can click on suspend and click on OK

  • Click on number of sessions to view the used and unused sessions

  • Click on the status of member i.e. Active/ Inactive to view details