This article tells you about our Trainer Commission Feature which will help you the FitnessForce Software automatically calculate the commission basis the commission parameter decided by the gym/club.

(A) Configuration of Each Trainer

  • Go to Settings --> Manage tenant User List --> Add New User (Add a new trainer) --> At the bottom of the page there are settings for commission (*Advisable to fill all the options) [Refer below images for stepwise guidance.]

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3


Following are the settings with definitions: 

Note: To calculate commission for the trainers, all the appointments and/or Class needs to be under the Attended status. 


The Fixed amount of commission that the gym wants to give the trainer i.e. Rs. 500 /- Fixed amount irrespective the cost of per session is Rs. 1000/Rs. 200 etc. The trainer will be given Rs. 500 /-

As Per Attendance: 

The amount that the trainer receives per head for the class/ Appointment Booked

E.g. Trainer gets Rs. 100 per head in one Month

If there were 100 appointments booked in a month, and only 50 were attended, the trainer gets = [100 (Rs. 100 per head) * 50 (appointments attended)] = Rs. 5000 /-

Revenue Share Percentage: 

Fixed revenue share % on the cost of each session –

For e.g. the cost of the PT one month 10 session incl. Tax = Rs. 10,000/- revenue share % for the trainer is 20%. If the trainer has attended 5 sessions in one month with a particular client, the revenue share of 20% for each session is (20% Rs.1000) of Rs. 200/-.

Therefore the trainer will get (Rs. 200 *5 sessions) = Rs. 5000/-

Revenue Share Attendance:

The % that the trainer receives per head for the class/ Appointments Booked

E.g. Trainer gets 5% per head in one Month. Each session cost is Rs. 1000 /- . Sessions - attended is 50, cancelled 50. 10% of 1000 = Rs.100/-

Revenue earned by Trainer for 50 sessions attended under 10% on revenue on session cost = [50 * 100] = Rs. 5000/-

Revenue Share Attendance 

Split: Yes/ No

E.g. You have 4 splits

0 – 5 -> 10%

          6 – 15 -> 20%

          16 – 40 -> 40%

         41 and above -> 60%

The revenue sharing % depends on the number of clients the trainer is getting or booking appointments with.

Pay Commission for chargeable no show:

Yes/ No - If any client is not attending an appointment i.e. it’s a No Show number of sessions will be deducted from the clients kitty and the trainer gets paid for it.

(B) Configuration To Active A Particular Commission Setup For All The Trainers :

  • Go to Settings --> Settings --> Manage Purpose --> Edit- Personal Training --> Commission Calculation Mode --> Select on what basis you want to give commission to your trainers [Refer below images for stepwise guidance.]

a) Fixed

b) As Per Attendance

c) Revenue Share Percentage

d) Revenue Share Attendance

e) Revenue Share Attendance Split

f) Pay Commission for chargeable no show

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

( C ) Commission Report : 

Allows you to check how many sessions each trainer has completed.

Calculates the Commission for the trainers (Provided the sessions are attended)