CDR-Consolidated Daily Report

About The Feature

  • This report is sent to reporting head or owners or those selected by the gym via email, the CDR report is a consolidated report and gives a birds eyes view of the workings of all the gym branches & gives a detailed view of all the transactions taken place at all gyms a day prior. This report contain the consolidated data for all tenants. E.g. How many lead were received, bill & receipt created , follow up details, etc.

Contents of the CDR:

  • It contains the gym name, report date & also the     date & time of the report being generated 
  • Section on Sales Information includes the Billing details & Receipt &     Collection details
  • The Billing & Receipt& Collection details further give information about the branch name, todays bills/receipts & monthly bills/receipts 
  • Section on Enquiry Information include the number of enquires who have come in center wise for today & for the month
  • Section on trial gives a detailed information on the trials that have come in
  • Section on live members gives a list of the current members as on date in various gym branches 
  • Section on Access Denied/Granted will give a list of the centers and the total number of access denied & granted each day