Member Contract Status Report

About The Feature

This report shows the status of all the members who have opted for a contract membership

How to Check the Member Contract Status Report

  • Click on reports and select 'Member Contract Status Report'
  • Refine your search based on which center, state, city and under which account manager you want to check the report for. Incase you select 'All' and if you have the rights then you will be able to see the report for all centers
  • Select the date range (From Date- To Date) or select the time period i.e. today, yesterday, last week, this week, last month, this month.
  • You can further narrow down your search by searching for a particular client by his name, email-id, contact number or client id

  • Select the contract name to search for the clients under it

  • Select the contract status incase you only want to search members under a particular status for e.g. Active, suspended etc.

  • and click on 'Search' and get the details as seen in the image below i.e. member name, contract name, center name, monthly amount, start date, next chargeable date & contract status details.