Trial Report


About The Feature

This report allows you to see the details of all the trials at the gym


How to Check the Trial Report

  • Click on reports
  • Open the trial report
  • Refine your search by filling the various filters appearing on the balance report page such as:
  • The date(From Date- To Date) range to view the trials taken in a particular time period
  • Refine your search based on the client representative who has registered the trial member & the session owner i.e. the trainer who has taken the trial
  • Select the enquiry type i.e. was it a walk in, phone call ect to analyze how many trials have come in from each enquiry type
  • Select the enquiry source i.e. did the trial come to know about the gym through posters, banners, ads etc. It will allow you to check the return on investment in a particular marketing source
  • Select the gender to do a gender analysis, for e.g. how many female members have taken a trial as compared to male members
  • Select a location to do a analyze how many trials have come in from a particular location and also define the untapped locations in the process
  • and click on 'Search' and get the details as seen in the image below
  • You can also send bulk SMS & Email from this report to all the clients 

تقرير التجربة

  • اضغط على تبويب التقارير
  • اضغط على تقرير التجربة
  • حدد تاريخ الجلسة من و تاريخ الجلسة الى
  • حدد العضوية المطلوبة من المنسدلة
  • حدد الجنس المطلوب من المنسدلة
  • حدد نوع الاستفسار من المنسدلة
  • حدد مصدر الاستفسار من المنسدلة
  • حدد تمت الجلسة بواسطة من المنسدلة
  • حدد ممثل العميل من المنسدلة
  • حدد المكان من المنسدلة
  • حدد وقت التجريب من المنسدلة
  • اضغط على ابحث من المنسدلة

سترى النتائج حسب المجالات المحددة في شكل التقرير و ايضا يمكنك ان تصدرها في اكسيل اذا كان لديك الوصول لتصدير البيانات.