Stock Transaction  Report

About The Feature

From this report you can see all Stock related transactions (Inward, Outward, Adjustment, Return)

How to Check the Stock Transaction Report

  • Click on Reports and select Stock Transaction Report
  • Select if you want to make your search by day or SKU by selecting the view by drop down 
  • Refine your search based on which center, state, city and under which account manager you want to check the report for. Incase you select 'All' and if you have the rights then you will be able to see the report for all centers
  • Select the date range (From Date- To Date) to view the client forms
  • Select by the SKU-ID or External ID  if you want to search for a particular SKU
  • Select the relevant SKU Category for e.g.Clothing, Accessories to refine the search for that category
  • Select the relevant SKU sub-category for example in clothing it could be t-shirts or track pants to further narrow down the search
  • Select the SKU name that is in T-shirts it could be Black T-shirt-M , Black T-shirt -L etc.
  • and click on 'Search' and get the details of the stock transaction as seen in the image below