Address now has a new space !

You can now view a NEW 'Address section' on the 'Enquiry Form' that allows you to create/edit or view the client address details at one go. We have collected all the scattered fields related to the member address on the enquiry form and placed it under a new 'Address' section for enhanced viewing. Also 'Address' Field has been renamed to 'Street'. All content in Address box entered earlier will now be visible in Street text box. 

You can also customize the various address fields to be mandatory or non - mandatory based on your choice. Even if one field is made mandatory can view the entire 'Address section' in the mandatory area, while having an option to fill or not fill in the non-mandatory fields. While if all the fields in the address section are made non-mandatory, then you can view the entire address section with all its field in the optional area on the enquiry form by clicking on the plus sign.

Whats more, view the address details as a separate section on the client profile -  summary page