You Can now use our New Client Omni Search 

Client Omni Search lets you enter search criteria which may be part the  Name, Contact No., Email ID and Member ID & will display results( as shown below). Post the search it will help the user select from multiple options from the drop-down, clicking on a result which will land you on the client profile page.

If you are unable to get a result, this means the searched criteria does not exist, You can Click on "Create New" to proceed to the Enquiry Creation Page.

1. Click on Create New


Step 4 : Fill in the details on the Enquiry Page

  • Enquiry Source means where did the client know about the gym - Helps you to understand your investment in the various marketing sources and your return on investment when you do a long-term analysis.
  • Enquiry Type means how did the enquiry contact you. Was it a walk - in or a phone call or through website or facebook etc

Click the '+' sign across 'Optional Fields' below the form and you can add a photograph and fill in the various additional fields.


Step 5 :Add the Enquiry Follow- Up 

  • Fill in the call response: Follow -up again or not interested etc
  • Fill in the call convertibility - Hot means extremely Interested, Cold means not really interested, Expected means the person is expected to come at a particular date and time to pay the amount.
  • Fill in the relevant call comments that allow you to remember the history of the conversation with the client. For Eg. Pitched 12-month Gym Membership at Rs. 10,000. Is interested and may join with a group of friends.

Step 6: Click on Save


Your Enquiry Form is created and will open a new page with the Profile.