About The Feature

Freezing of Membership means pausing the Membership of a Member for a certain duration. When the Membership is frozen it means the Member will not be allowed to access the Gym for that particular period. When a freeze entry is performed it auto-extends the Membership Expiry Date.

Example: 6 Months Membership starting from 1st Nov, 2017 to 30th April, 2018. If Membership will be frozen for 30days then the new Membership Expiry Date will be 30th May,2018

Prepaid Membership Freeze: Here, Member doesn’t have to pay for Freeze charges.

Select the Membership to be frozen, select the start and end date of the Freeze & process the request successfully.

Process for Prepaid Freeze

Step 1: Search the Client

  • Click in the Omni search box Enter the contact no/client id or name.

  • Click on the displayed result.

Step 2: Select Freeze Tab

  • Click on Freeze

  • Click on Create New Freeze

 Step 3: Select Membership for freeze

  • Select Membership for Freeze.

  • Select From Date and To Date.

  • Enter Comment in the text box provided.

  • Click on Submit button

  • Click on Membership Details tab


Question: Will the member be charged for prepaid freeze membership? 

Answer: No

Question: Is freeze is having any limit, as for how much maximum time membership can be a freeze? 

Answer: Yes