About The Feature

A transfer takes place when a consumer chooses to transfer an existing service to another Enquiry/Member at the same center.

Process for Transfer

Step 1: Search the client

  • Click in the Omni Search box and enter the contact number /client id or name etc.

  • Click on the displayed result.

Step 2: Select Transfer Tab

  • Click on More tab and select Transfer from the dropdown list.

Step 3: Select service and member detail to transfer

  • Select the Membership to be transferred (whose status should be active and has required days or more left for membership to expire)

  • Select a Member (to whom the Membership is to be transferred) from the below list showing existing members.

NOTE: Transfer can be done to Existing Enquiry/Existing Member/New Enquiry

Step 4: Make Payment

  • Enter the amount to be paid (Transfer Charges)

  • Click on the Payment Mode from drop down list

  • Click on Make Payment button

  • Enter the comment in the receipt comment box.

  • Click on Transfer button

  • Click on OK (For Do you want to transfer the product? pop-up)


Question: Can the membership be transferred from one member to non-member?

Answer: Yes

Question: There are clients for whom the Transfer Fee is waived off, how to update the zero amount while creating the Transfer fee bill?

Answer:  Before selecting and adding the Transfer Fee, change the amount to Zero and then add. Select the “ Payment Mode “ as Cash and click on Make Pay