Creating a Membership Bill in FitnessForce 2.0

Process for creating an Invoice

Create Invoice

Step 1: Select Purchase History Tab

  • Click on Purchase History.

  • Click on Create New Membership Bill.

  • Fill the PAR-Q form.

  • Upload the documents, if required by clicking on upload link.

  • Click on Save.




  • On the billing page, select the membership for which the bill is to be created

  • Click on the “Start Date” field and select the starting date of the membership

  • Click on the “Session Owner” drop down and select the owner.

  • Click on “Add to Cart” button

  • From the “Payments” section of the page selects the mode of payment as “Cash”

  • Enter the cash amount paid in the Amount section and then Click “Pay Now”

  • Enter the comments and click “Submit”