We are proud to introduce you to FitnessForce 2.0. Sleeker, faster and packed with new features, FitnessForce 2.0 makes the task of finding information easier with an all-new user interface. Placing all the frequently used information within easy reach, FF 2.0 will leave you pleasantly smiling even at the end of a long day. That is a promise!

1. User-friendly Interface with awesome speed 

Attractive UI with a smoother and user-friendly experience and new Backend much Faster and more Scalable

2. Login Page

Refreshed Page with customizable wallpaper and password reset option.

3. Center Selection – Mini Dashboard!!

Apart of with the list of active centers, the new center selection page now will act as a mini dashboard and at a glance give information of inactive canters, No. of live members, service logo to understand what all services are provided by a particular center, tenant minimum age, IP secured etc.

4. Omni Search – Convenient & a quicker search!!

We’ve done away with dropdowns on search. The new Omni search will now search the data through across the board in just one click!

5. Billing with Par-Q – Know how fit your client is for Physical activities 

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire will help you to know how fit the client is to do certain physical activities

in your Gym/Club. Answering the questions should be completed by anyone who is looking to start an exercise program, to increase their current activity level, or partake in a fitness testing assessment. The questionnaire helps to determine how safe it is.


6. Summary Page - 360-degree customer Profile 

A 360-degree view of your members to provide you with all information you need at your fingertips. Information like new member status, current memberships, upcoming schedules, PAR-Q information, Life Time Value

7. Member Termination and Revoke

Member misbehaved? You can now permanently deactivate/blacklist a member in the Software and restrict access and billing.

8. Membership Upgrade

Membership can now also be upgraded across centers and to a different service (product type) or in the same center to different service (product type).

9. Membership Freeze

  • Member can opt to freeze his membership for a specific period. E.g.. Member is unavailable for any reason

Freeze now has a type, you can choose it to be Free or paid freeze.

10. Pay Link

Why just send an SMS or an Email to remind the member to pay for renewal or upgrade, you can now set an auto reminder with pay link itself, which allows the user to directly click on the link and pay.


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