This document will enable the trainer to book an appointment by tapping on an empty slot.


  • On clicking the new event option the session owner will be directed to a book appointment page. The date and time field will be pre-selected based on the slot selected by the trainer.

  • The trainer will select the member by entering the name of the client in the text field.

  • The system will load the membership details based on the member name entered by the trainer after selecting the member the session owner will select the membership for which the session owner wants to book appointment.¬†

  • On the basis of the member & membership selected, the mobile application will load the total no. of sessions that the trainer can book a recurring appointment for.

  • On activating the toggle button.

  • The session owner can select the days he wants to repeat the schedule by marking the days and save the schedule by clicking on the save button.

  • The days marked by the trainer will be repeated for the remaining sessions.

  • If the member cancels any one of the recurring appointments, even then the recurring appointments ¬†will be unchanged and the cancelled appointment by the member will be shifted to the next date according to the recurring selected.