This document will enable the session owner to edit date and time and cancel an appointment by clicking on the reschedule icon.

On clicking the edit date and time option the session owner is directed to edit appointment page where the session owner can select the day and time he wants to reschedule the appointment.

Note: The session owner will be able to reschedule the appointment if the session owner has the rights to do so




The session owner will be able to choose cancellation reason from the drop down menu which will consist of the following reasons:

  • Going for medical emergency
  • Busy
  • Personal issues
  • Health issues
  • Out of town
  • Others


And enter detailed comments in the provided text box and can confirm his/her cancellation by clicking on the confirm button.


The member will be able to add comments in the comment box to give a detailed explanation.


If the reason selected from the drop down menu is ‘Others’, the comment box becomes mandatory for the user.


 The mobile application will display an error message “please enter comment “if the member selects ‘Other’ as a reason from the drop down menu and does not enter any text in the text box.


 If the session owner cancels the appointment, that slot will again become visible in slot selection page in member application.