About the feature:

All the additional payment line items that are sold under POS billing For E.g Whey Protein, Water Bottle, Sipper, T-Shirt, Track Suits, Transfer Fee, Registration Fee, Freezing Fee, Spa  Oil, Spa Towel, etc can be grouped to their respective heads to help organize the vast list of the POS items.

For Example, you can create various groups and add the relevant pos items in each of their respective groups. Like groups created as ‘Supplements’, you can add the relevant POS items like Whey Protein, Multi-Vitamins, Casein, etc under the Supplement group. Similarly, the Apparels group can have POS  items like T-Shirt, Track Suit, Cap, etc. Spa Product group can have Spa oil, Spa rental towel, etc. Any other additional or membership related charges like Freezing Fee, Transfer Fee, One Time Enrollment Fee, etc can be grouped under the ‘Additional Charges’ group. 

This will also help you to understand the exact bifurcation of the POS sale revenue per group in the ‘Additional Payment Report’. Revenue from Supplements, Revenue from Apparels, etc. 

  • Click on Settings → Additional Payment Group.It will take you on the new page shown below.

  • Click on NEW. You can add the details as mentioned below.

  • Write the name in the Group Name(Example – If want to sale Red bull, Energy Drinks, Water Bottles so you will group them all under one header as Beverages)

  • Keep the Status active using the dropdown.

  • Click on Submit.

  • The above image shows the list of groups configured.


1. When do I use an Additional payment group feature?

Ans: This feature is used if you have a vast list of POS items or if you want to see the POS revenue as per respective Groups. For example: Revenue from Supplements, Revenue from Apparels, etc. Having the groups organized helps you select the line items from the respective group drop-down then having to search for the single line item at the time of Invoicing. As well the POS sale revenue can be seen as per the group instead of a single POS transaction in the Additional Payment Report.

2. Where will the added group be visible?

Ans: Please follow the given (Refer to the point GROUP, it has the dropdown where you can select your created group.)