Standard upgrade feature enables to upgrade the membership from the short-term tenure to long-term tenure. You can also upgrade the current membership to the higher value membership with the same tenure. e.g. Clients have initially purchased the Gym Membership - 1 Month and Personal Training - 1 Month (12 Sessions). However, after using these services for a few days now the client wants to upgrade both the membership of Gym and personal Training to 12 months. 

Process for standard Upgrade:

  • Search the client profile by their NameContact No, and Client ID in the Omni search box.

  • Click on the Upgrade tab as shown above. 

  • Select the Upgrade Date.

  • Click on the product name from the Upgrade From list.   

  • After clicking on the product name it will reflect as selected in a grey box along with “X” in the middle. This “X” can be used to remove the product from the list, if it’s selected in error.

  • Select the product which needs to be upgraded to from the Upgrade To list.

  • After selecting the products from “Upgrade from list” and “Upgrade to” list you’ll be further directed to the payment field. In the above scenario, the client is having an existing active product of 3 Months and has chosen to upgrade to 6 months.

  • The software will calculate the difference amount between both the products and will generate a different payable amount including tax in Total Field. In case you want to give a further discount, you can mention the amount along with the discounted amount in the Total Field. 

  • Select the Payment Mode from the Make Payment drop-down list. 

  • Click on Upgrade, if the client has paid the total upgraded amount.

  • In case of partial payments on the total upgraded amount, manual received payment has to be entered in the amount tab. (e.g. the total payable amount in Total is Rs. 1,439.6 but the client has paid only Rs. 800, manually received payment of Rs. 800 should be entered.)

  • Then click on the ADD button on the right side of the payment page.

  • Once the amount is added then need to create the balance follow up by using the follow-up type drop-down. (Fill the required details in all the fields to create the balance follow-up and add comments)

  • Click on Upgrade. 


1. Can members upgrade a membership to the same amount?

Ans: Yes

2. Can members upgrade a membership to another service?

Ans: No, however, this can be done by Adjustment Upgrade (Refer to Adjustment Upgrade to learn more)

3. Can members upgrade membership after ten days in the club?

Ans: Yes, provided the product is configured with the correct details.

4. Can I upgrade the membership after the expiry of the membership?

Ans: No, the upgrade can be done only when membership is active.