This feature will enable you to transfer your existing client’s membership to another member/enquiry. e.g. Client “A” has purchased a gym membership for 12 months and has accessed the gym for 5 months. However, now client “A” decided to transfer his membership to client “B”. This feature will enable to transfer the membership from client “A” to client “B”.

Process For Transfer

  • Search the client name by their contact number, name, client id or by national Id in the Omni search.

  • Click on the More tab and select the Transfer option from the drop-down list.

  • Select the membership name you want to be transferred by clicking on Select at the left side of the membership name.

  • Click on New Enquiry,  in case the enquiry is not existing in the software.

  • Select the Transfer Date.

  • Click in the Search Box and enter the contact number/name of a new client to whom you want this membership to be transferred.

  • Click on the Search button to get the new client information.

  • Once you see the new client information. Click on Select option at the left side of the client name

  • After selecting the new client name. Enter the Billing Name and Billing Contact No to create the transfer receipt.

  • Enter transfer charges in the Amount Paid field and select Payment Mode.

  • Click on the Make Payment button -This option will be visible only after selecting amount paid and payment mode)

  • Click on Transfer. 


1. Can I transfer multiple memberships in one receipt?

AnsYes, you can transfer multiple memberships in one receipt. However, you need to define how many memberships you would like to transfer in a single bill. This can be defined under Settings - Global settings - transfer_limit_per_product. Refer to Configuration types in the Global Settings

2. Can I transfer the membership without charging the transfer charges?

Ans. No, you cannot transfer the membership without creating the transfer receipt. However, you can configure transfer charges as zero amount under Settings - Additional Payment master. You can also create the transfer receipt with selecting cash payment mode with zero amount.