Digital Wallet is a feature for the amount received from the member which is a prepaid amount/deposit amount. This amount can be used whenever the client wants to avail of service in the future. To learn more about how to activate Digital Wallet refer to Add and Check money in Digital Wallet. Once the Digital Wallet is activated only then can it be used for any purchase.

Once the Digital Wallet has been activated, you will get the digital wallet option in the payment mode. The Billing process remains the same (refer to How to create an on-spot Membership bill/Invoice), only that you will need to select Digital Wallet as the payment mode instead of cash, credit card or debit card. Digital wallet can be used both for, purchase of a membership or purchase of a POS item. 

  • Click on Purchase History

  • If you want to create a membership bill using the Digital Wallet balance you can click on Create New Membership Bill. If you want to create a POS bill using the Digital Wallet balance you must click on Create POS Bill. (We will create a POS bill in this document)

  • In case the member wishes to buy a Gym Bag, we will select the Gym Bag option to add it in the cart.

  • Click on Add To Cart.

  • If you wish to give a discount on this POS item, you can either enter the Discount Percent or you can directly enter the discounted rate in the given area (depending on the discount rights on your ID).

  • Select Digital Wallet from the Mode of Payment to make the payment using the member available balance. 

  • Enter the Amount the member wishes to use from his available wallet balance. 

  • Click on Pay Now to make this payment

  • Click on Submit to confirm this payment. 

  • You will get a Success Message indicating the invoice has been created successfully. 

Note: The amount will be deducted from the available wallet balance. You can check the balance in the member’s Summary Page. 


1. What if the member’s bill is higher than the available wallet balance?

Ans. If the wallet balance is lesser than the billing amount you can pay using two payment modes i.e. Digital Wallet + Cash or Digital Wallet + Credit Card.