Manage Tenant User List feature enables you to create software login credentials for a new employee/user. This also helps you to manage all your active, inactive, or suspended staff profiles.

  • Click on Settings → Manage Tenant User List. You’ll be redirected to a new page as shown below.

  • Once you click on the manage tenant user list, the software will fetch all active user profiles by default.

  • To check suspended or inactive user profiles change the status from Active to Inactive.

  • Then click on Submit & you will find inactive staff’s profiles on the display page.


1. How to Add a New User/ How to create User Login ID?

Ans: Refer to User Login ID Creator

2. How to Suspend a User?

Ans: Refer to Suspend a User  

3. How to Activate a Suspended User?

Ans: Refer to Activate a Suspended User