Reset password feature enables the FitnessForce Software Administrator to reset a new password for any of the users or the staff. This feature can be used if the user or the staff has forgotten their username or the password by approaching the software Administrator.

  • The Fitnessforce Software Administrator can log in to the software & can go to the company level page. Go to users & click on List.

  • Now you can search the user or the staff for which you need to reset the password & click on the red color Edit button.

  • Fill the new password that you want to set for the user/staff in the Password field. 

  • Now you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click on update to save the new password. 

  • The page will be redirected to the user list page making the password changes done by you. Now you can share the password with your user/staff so that he/she can log in to the software.

Note: Please ask the user or the staff to change their password immediately once they login to the software for the first time post the password has been reset by the administrator.