In the FitnessForce software, the users are created and assigned with certain system rights as per their role in your organization. e.g. A manager will have higher rights as compared to your front desk executive or a trainer. You can create different templates with defined rights line Director Template, Manager Template, Front Desk Template, Trainer Template. 

Creating such different templates as per your employee role allows you to authorize, restrict, or control permissions to be performed by the user or by the department as a whole within the software. This allows us to run controlled operations and avoid misuse through the FitnessForce software.

Following are the steps to create a New User Access Template:

Step 1 - Click on Users and in the drop-down menu click on User Access Template.

Step 2 - Click on the New User Access Template

Step 3 - After clicking on the New User Access Template you will be introduced to 100+ questions where you will have to select Yes or No to assign user rights in the User Access Template.

For creating a new User Access Template follow the below steps:

  • From the top menu bar click on Users.

  • Then click on User Access Template option in the dropdown


  • To create a new template click on New Access Template. To edit an existing template click on the ‘Edit’ button beside the existing template.

  • Fill the ‘Name of Template’, description, status, and this template be assigned when creating a user at center level?.

    • In this example, we are creating a template for a Trainer so the name of the template can be ‘Trainer’

    • Description example for the trainer template: This template can be assigned to all the Fitness trainers, Freelancer Trainers, or Nutritionists basically any user/ staff who is responsible for managing their appointments or sessions with clients.

    • Status: If you wish to keep this template visible for assigning the rights to the user or the staff then you need to keep the Status ‘Active’ and if you need to keep it invisible you can keep it ‘Inactive’.

  • Fill the next Question ‘ Can this template be assigned when creating a user at the center level. 

    • If you keep it Yes, it will allow you to assign that template from a tenant level

    • If you keep it No, it will allow you to assign the template only at the company level and not tenant level.

    • Use Case:____________

  • Click on Select Module & then tick the Page Access option in each of the Selected Modules.

    • Select Module helps you define the rights to the modules you want to assign under that template. e.g. Trainer Template should not have the rights for modules like Setting or Product, Package, Campaign Modules. A trainer can access modules like Dashboard, Calendar, Customer, and Reports.

    • Select Page Access for each of the modules selected. e.g. Trainer has access to reports module however out of 30+ reports trainer can be allowed access to limited reports i.e Page access to only appointment report, central calendar, appointment commission

  • Once all the required modules have been selected, in case you wish to remove a few modules you can just click on the ‘X’ Icon beside the module names.

  • Further, you will be introduced to 100+ questions on which you can restrict or allow the usage of the software depending on the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ criteria set for the trainer template. e.g. How much % discount can this user give? - This is the question wherein you can mention the percentage of how much staff is allowed to give discounts during invoice creation.

  • Click on Yes and No against the below relevant fields as mentioned in the previous step.

  • Tenant Access is an option where you can allocate this template for a specific center for while creating a user in Manage Tenant User List

Note: This access template is allocated to a staff member when a new staff’s user id is created.


1. Who can create this template?

Ans: Only an administrator will have access to create a user access template.

2. Can we restrict access to staff for editing the contact number and details of the staff?

Ans: You can restrict access to staff for editing the details by selecting ‘No’ for the following question in the User Access Template.